Business Ventures Management Limited

Set up as a holding company for various business interest, over the past two decades Business Ventures has launched and invested in several companies involved in a number of service industries including market research, marketing consultancy, branding & advertising, advertising management on national public transport, commercialisation of public assets, cyber security and new software solutions for the aviation industry.

As a leader with a passion for initiating innovative businesses, we foster a culture that pursues bold ideas and relentless curiosity and are continuously on the lookout to create or reinvent ways of doing things, evolving, yet never complacent. Growth in the next years will see further diversification, as the Group will venture into social media listening solutions, digital OOHA, aircraft recycling, TV Series productions and powerboat racing.

Group operations are currently managed by Executive Chairman and philanthropist, Daniel Abela whose professional experience spans nearly 30 years and has worked with several blue chip companies.

Business Ventures