There are many good examples of food websites. From goliaths of the industry such as Starbucks or Coca-Cola to less-known local bistros, we can stumble upon stunning restaurant branding all the time. Some stick to their own style and design, while others prefer to follow mainstreams. However, there is one thing we can say for sure — each of them has a small craving for skeuomorphic details.

While the rest of the world is obsessed with everything flat and material, the food industry still tends to choose designs populated with elements that emulate physical objects, especially ones related to food. Just take a look at TnS Catering to see it for yourself.

TnS Catering

TnS Catering - best examples of food websites

As you may have guessed from the nameplate, the website is a digital business card of a small catering firm that specializes in preparing, delivering, and serving feasts. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the homepage is populated with photos, mock-ups, and vigilantly-crafted renderings of foodstuffs and dishes such as tomatoes, arugula, and a bowl of savory meat.

To tie the design together, the creative team used many skeuomorphic elements such as a chalk-styled background where the title and some sketches are drawn in chalk, too. It also contains paper-based components and Polaroid-like photo shots.

The website is a classic example of a skeuomorphic interface that does not look outdated or trivial at all. On the contrary, it looks refreshing and one of a kind. It seems that emulating the aesthetics of real objects fits here like a glove. The website ignites appetite, catches attention, and certainly separates itself from the faceless mass of flat-based web designs. Don’t you think?


Agroyans - best examples of food websites

The team behind Agroyans shows us an interesting take on the approach. Unlike the previous case, this one employs skeuomorphic details occasionally. Creatives have mixed and matched flat style with renderings of vegetables that are skillfully scattered across the screen. This method allows for a unique hero section that adds a certain zest to the overall impression.

What’s more, the central part is occupied by a 3D mockup of a product that glues everything together. If you are afraid of creating a fully skeuomorphic interface, then Agroyans’ conservative variant is a way to go.


Shashlikyan - best examples of food websites

Much like the very first example in this collection, Shashlikyan gets its beauty from a bunch of skeuomorphic details. Here, you will find a grainy chalk-styled texture used for the background, chalk-styled titles and buttons that go perfectly well with the canvas, a big deal of delicious photos of dishes, and more.

However, much like the team behind Agroyans, this website also heavily relies on flat details such as sketch illustrations and even some dynamic elements that give the interface a modern and sophisticated look. This original intermixture displays the unique spirit of the establishment.



Fruchtikus is a one-screen homepage that greets the online audience with stunning scenery. It is fully skeuomorphic. This is not something you see every day. The design certainly has its own merits. The hero area feels a bit old-fashioned, yet it suggests that the website sells products that are time-tested and proved by generations. Moreover, since the same theme runs through all the pages, this feeling stays consistent all the time.

What’s more, the scene itself is not as simple as it may look at first glance. The photo on the left, as well as the book on the right, is charged with motion and emotions, so we recommend that you peek inside.

Pacto Navio

Pacto Navio

Pacto Navio invites its audience to jump into a real journey. Among our intriguing examples of food websites, it is the first one dedicated to the alcohol industry. The site has a powerful adventurous spirit that is obtained mostly by skeuomorphic elements and skillfully integrated grunge details.

It also features an old map in the background, images enclosed in vintage frames, tattoos, sketches, and much more. The overall aesthetics meets the message of the brand and certainly speaks volumes for the product.



The creative team behind Terrabites engages visitors with a fantastic slider that lets the product take up the center stage. Much like Agroyans, the website finds the balance between skeuomorphic and flat details — resulting in an eye-pleasing environment. You can see here a scene with carefully rendered objects featuring the product and its main ingredients.

The rest of the design is rather conventional. It only includes necessary graphics such as slider controls and navigation. Note that the image of the promoted snack ideally blends in, naturally maintaining the user’s focus at the center.


Ritual - NestBloom

Even though the aesthetics of Ritual-NestBloom is similar to the previous example, the website is a journey that lures you into a peculiar storytelling experience. By pairing a skeuomorphic approach with scroll-based animation, the team managed to create a small show that speaks about the product in an engaging way. It demonstrates a special ritual and establishes a certain atmosphere that is difficult to resist.


Campina - best examples of food websites

While the previous example tries to appeal to users by demonstrating the power of a ritual, Campina seduces the target audience with a series of images of tasty snacks where the product plays first the fiddle. Here, the 3D version of a sandwich made of delicious-looking ingredients is the heart and soul of each slide. Moreover, thanks to the minimal flat environment, the slides also fall into the spotlight without much effort and hits the audience right away.


This collection of yummy examples of food websites proves once again that even though we are living in the flat era, there is still room for skeuomorphism — and not only in our hearts. The websites listed above break away from modern web interfaces by finding a proper way of using skeuomorphic elements. They do not feel out-of-date but look stylish, trendy, and very refreshing, kindling the interest and giving an edge to the appetite.

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