It is a no brainer that the COVID-19 has impacted our lives, turned it upside down and created a new whole reality for all of us. Now is the perfect time for all of us to be leaders. We need to communicate the right message by creating short-term solutions, that will impact our future-oriented marketing strategies. We need to analyse, adapt and seek other alternative routes. Moreover, by boosting brand awareness, you are improving your chances to remain intact and still standing in the eye of this storm.

It might seem as insensitive to discuss brands, pricing and customer behaviour as we are constantly bombarded by this pandemic. But the best way forward is for businesses to market now, for the good of all mankind.

Here at Redorange, we are firm believers that marketing campaigns will further help in this delicate situation, so we came up with 10 easy things businesses like yours should consider doing when facing such turbulent times or future situations like this.


Touch base on your most valued customers

Keep in touch with your customers through their digital journey throughout all social channels, and whilst exploring the web.



The Art of Content Creation

Content creation is a quintessential component for your tactical marketing campaigns and for keeping in touch with your current customers.



Engage directly with your customers

Becoming further social means engaging in conversations with your existent customers. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook – these are places where your customers are reviewing your products, discussing their purchasing choices, corresponding views on your business.



Boosting Brand Awareness

Grow your brand awareness and get additional distinctness, meaning that by using this tactic you will be able to drive visitants to your website and social media pages to create the sales.



All about Positivity

Keep your social media business page a negative-free space.



Work with what you have!

Revisit recommendations and reviews and learn how to perform better with what you have already implemented. Doing this will save you time and money, so work smart!



Leave it in the hands of the Experts

At Redorange, we all about moving forward in the right direction, we have the expertise that can guide you whilst delivering outstanding results. Drop us a message HERE so we can see how we can help you to stay connected with your customers during these tough times.

Until our next blog post, stay safe and stay indoors!

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