The Novel Coronavirus has been a hot topic in the Maltese islands lately, as it has affected the lives of many of us. During the month of March, Marketing Advisory Services conducted a survey on the current situation we are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The sample was made up of 400 respondents. The results are presented in this infographic:

Marketing Advisory Services The Latest Covid-19 Research


The majority of respondents believe that the health measures taken so far and the penalties being given for breaking health measures are enough. On the contrary, a clear majority of respondents stated that there is a need for more financial measures, both for businesses and individuals.

Various questions were asked regarding the respondents’ level of panic due to COVID-19 pandemic: family members getting sick, going to an extended lockdown, current financial situation and loss of jobs. Results show a high level of panic regarding all the above-mentioned aspects and a large number of respondents do not feel that the situation is being blown out of proportion. Respondents’ highest concern was that their family would get sick.

A clear majority believe that this crisis will be very damaging to the Maltese economy. Most respondents stated that the following professionals/public figures are managing the COVID-19 crisis well: Medical professionals, Superintendent of Public Health, the Health Minister and the Prime Minister respectively. Just over half the respondents believe that the Ministry of the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses (MEIB) could be managing the crisis better.

The majority of respondents believe that in 3-6 months, the situation would return to normal. A very small percentage believe that the situation will return to normal in only 1-2 months.

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