The discussion on abortion might have decreased with the Covid-19 epidemic, but the reality is that it is still one of the most controversial subjects on the island. From pro-abortion to pro-life movements, Marketing Advisory Services conducted a survey about some aspects that have to do with abortion, among 583 respondents in Malta during the month of February 2020.  The results are presented in the infographic below.


Marketing Advisory Services Abortion Survey Results

The key takeaways from the data collected are that females are generally more in favour of the introduction than males.  It also becomes clear that abortion is more favourably thought about as a viable procedure by younger individuals with a post-secondary level of education or above.

Cases of risks to the mother’s health and rape are the two most cited justifications for abortion among both males and females.  An inability to provide and care for the baby is thought of as the least reason for an abortion by both genders, however, is considerably stronger among females.

Most respondents who are against the introduction of abortion most frequently cited the unborn baby’s right to live as the reason for their position.  Moral reasons – and therefore the conviction that abortion is morally wrong – was also frequently chosen as a reason to oppose the introduction of the practice.

A clear majority of female respondents stated that, even in the case of a disagreement with the father about the unborn baby, the mother is entitled to the choice of whether to terminate the birth or otherwise.  Just over half of male respondents also agreed with this position.

For most respondents, abortion should either never be performed or performed within 8 weeks from conception.  A considerably low number of respondents agree with the option of allowing up to 22-24 weeks for a woman to undergo an abortion.  Most male and female participants also agreed with the view that a doctor should have the right to refuse to perform an abortion.

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